Glen Easton Medical Centre

Pneumonia Vaccine

A vaccine against pneumonia is available, and is recommended for people at increased risk of pneumococcal disease. This includes:

1)Everybody aged 65 years and over

2) Those aged over 2 years with:

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Chronic heart, respiratory or liver disease
  • Chronic renal disease, nephrotic syndrome, renal transplant
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Those with missing or non functioning spleens
  • Disorders of the immune system including cancer, People receiving chemotherapy or other treatments that suppress the immune system
  • Persons with HIV infection or AIDS
  • Those who have received or are about to receive cochlear transplants

Pneumococcal vaccination is not recommended for healthy children and adults as they are at low risk of pneumococcal disease.

The vaccine is usually required just once, although a second dose after 5 years is given in some circumstances.

While the vaccine is supplied free by the HSE for those in at-risk groups, a procedure fee will be charged for people who don't have a valid Medical card or GPvisit card. People in risk groups with a medical card or GP visit card will be vaccinated free of charge.

Further details are available on the HSE website.