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Cervical Check

Cervicalcheck is a system of testing to prevent Cervical cancer. It is a National Screening Programme and is free of charge.

Details about this are available from the Cervicalcheck website , you can check when your next test is due and find a guide to having a smear test.

Read the full information and consent sheet here

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Making an appointment for a CervicalCheck in Glen Easton Medical Centre.

In Glen Easton Medical Centre our experienced smear takers include Dr Mary Hanlon , Dr Jane Salmon and Dr Martina Dillane

So we can serve you better please inform us of your needs at the time of making an appointment.

You can request an appointment for either a CervicalCheck only (free to eligible women) or have your cervical check done as an extended appointment where the doctor can help with other matters you may wish to address. Common things women wish to discuss include fertility and contraception, STI screening, Planning a pregnancy or General health matters. These are not part of the screening programme and professional fees will be charged.

Before you make an appointment please check when your next test is due and remember it is important to have a smear test when you are not having your period. If you are not having periods, you can attend for your smear test at any time as long as there is no bleeding.

During and after pregnancy: If you are due your routine smear test and you are pregnant, then the smear test can be delayed until three months after you give birth. You do not need a smear test after having a baby unless you are due to have a smear test.

Further information about the benefits and limitations of screening is available on the Cervical Check Website Information Page.

Private Smear testing

While we support the CervicalCheck programme, we recognise that sometimes women request a test outside of the routine programme, and we can provide this service on request. Read the CervialCheck advice on Private cervical testing here