Glen Easton Medical Centre

Flu Vaccine

Flu (Influenza) is a common viral infection every winter. Most people who get it are sick for a few days, in bed, missing school or work, then make a full recovery. However some people develop complications which can be serious or even fatal. Flu vaccine is particularly recommended by the HSE for people at increased risk of these complications and for healthcare workers.

Because there is a different flu virus each year, there is also a different vaccine each year. So if you are in the risk group you should get a flu vaccine each winter. It is generally available from late September through to April. Click here for further information on flu vaccination.

The vaccine is supplied free by the HSE for those in at-risk groups. People in risk groups with a medical card or GP visit card will be vaccinated free of charge. People who don't have a valid Medical card or GPvisit card, or those are not in an at risk group will be charged a fee.