Glen Easton Medical Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Routine appointments are available from 8.30AM to 5PM Monday to Friday. Some services which need to be arranged at certain times include blood tests or STI screening. READ MORE.

Our Justice system uses trial by Jury in many cases, and citizens are sometimes called by a court to serve on a Jury.

A citizen can only excused from Jury service by the Court Service but they may request the Court Service to excuse them - the details are provided to people when they are called to serve,and are available on the Citizen's Information website

If you are seeking to be excused on medical grounds you need to make the application to the Court, and you may provide supporting information from your doctor to allow the court decide whether to excuse you or not.

For serious accidents and emergencies it is usually best to contact the emergency ambulance service by dialing 999 (or 112)

Advice on managing many minor conditions is available from the HSE sponsored website

For illnesses or conditions that need medical attention from a GP outside our routine hours, you can contact KDOC (the GP Out-of-hours Cooperative for Kildare) on 045 848701 1890 599 362. It operates from 6pm through to 8am the next morning from Monday to Thursday, and from 6PM Friday through to 8AM on the next working day (typically Monday unless a Bank Holiday) They can arrange for an appointment for a doctor to see you, or you can request advice from a Nurse or doctor. The service is based in Naas and it also operates a clinic in Celbridge on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays. If in doubt, call and a nurse can advise you. READ MORE

We try hard to provide a good service to you. We strive to improve all the time and your feedback and observations can help.

Occasionally you may feel that your experience in the practice is unsatisfactory and we want to know about these situations.

Most problems can be sorted out easily and quickly at the time they arise and with the person concerned so this is often the best thing to do.

However, if the problem cannot be sorted in this way and you wish to make a more formal complaint, please let us know as soon as possible because this will make it easier to find out what has happened and reach a resolution.

Good communication with your doctor is important. Ideally this has to be easy and accessible, yet confidentiality and data protection is also important. (See our Confidentiality and data protection policy here)

Balancing ease of use with security and confidentiality is difficult and we will work with you to develop and provide the best solutions for the circumstances. Some things are best handled face to face, others may be managed with a note or simple message that can be passed on. READ MORE

A number of issues commonly arise relating to medical aspects of driving.

The rules and guidelines around this are set out in the Road Traffic Acts and by the Road Safety Authority which place legal obligations on the driver and the doctor. For a more detailed view please READ MORE

Social Welfare certificates are provided for the Dept of Social Protection to claim Illness Benefit, you can check your eligibility for benefit from the Dept of Social Welfare.