Glen Easton Medical Centre

Making an Appointment

Routine appointments are available from 8.30AM to 5PM Monday to Friday.

To arrange an appointment that best suits your needs you may need to give our staff some basic information about your problem. We know that it is important that your information is handled sensitively and confidentially, and the staff on the telephone need just enough information to understand the urgency of the problem, and whether a special service or additional time is required.

Services which need to be arranged at certain times include blood tests or STI screening. Special arrangements also apply for immunisations or Cervical Check appointments.

If you expect to have blood tests or immunisations, or you need a longer appointment, it is particularly important that you inform the staff when making the appointment.

Because we need to be able to see people who are acutely sick promptly, we sometimes need to limit less urgent appointments at busy times or during staff holidays, we hope that this doesn't cause undue inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

We do try to minimise delays but every person's problem is unique to them and this can cause over-runs. We ask that you arrive on time, phone ahead if you are likely to be late (it will reduce your stress too) and if for some reason you cannot attend try to give us reasonable notice. Please also consider that there is a practical limit to how much can be dealt with in a single appointment. If you have a large number of different problems we may ony be able to deal with the most urgent or important ones immediately.

Do consider your other committments when making an appointment, and allow for the risk that you may be delayed longer than you expect. When a major delay occurs we do try to reschedule to minimise the impact on people, we know that no-one likes to be waiting,